In the early 70s three BJ photographers, Paul Tople and Ted Schneider and I, drove with Tedís car to an Ohio News Photographers Association (ONPA) workshop at the Ohio Bowling Green University. The first day we were to shoot a story, the film would be processed overnight and on the second day several prominent photojournalists were critiquing the results.

   On the way up Ted and Paul decided to go to the outlying areas and find some migrant workers to shoot. I had just come of a broken leg from a ski accident and was limping and not able to walk longer distances so I didnít know what I was going to shoot.

   As we checked in at the local Holiday Inn, a clerk who was just finishing her shift showed us to the room and helped carry my bag.

I didnít miss the opportunity to hold her hand, thanking her and asking her what she was doing the next day, It was her day off so I asked her if I could spend the day with her and she said yes immediately as Paul shot a picture of that moment.

We met for breakfast at the hotel restaurant and went from there, she went to the bank, took her sick houseplant to the plant doctor, went shopping, then back to her apartment to change clothes for tennis with her boyfriend and a milkshake afterward.

   From that first moment on the hotel balcony to last goodbye we had great rapport and the result got high praise from the gurus the next day. I made up two books with mounted pictures and sent one to her, she wrote and thanked me but even though thirty plus years have elapsed, to me she is still the attractive girl who, when I was with her, it seemed to us as if we had known each other forever.

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