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Otttt.jpg (18467 bytes)        Welcome to my pictures 

My name is Ott Gangl,  I am a retired  Akron Beacon Journal Photographer  and I have hundreds of pictures to give away, which is the reason for creating this web site. In a house cleaning move, rather than destroying the prints, I will try to give them to the subjects depicted or to their families. All pictures are ten years old or older. Most are about 8x10 inches in size, but I have many which are up to 16x20 inches and mounted.

I will post new page of pictures periodically in a GALLERY section. These pictures are for your viewing pleasure only and are not available to the public.

These pictures were taken on many different  occasions,  whatever I would see, wherever I would go. You may click on a page to look at thumbnails of the pictures, they will be numbered consecutively below the thumbnails and dated where known. If you recognize yourself , e-mail me and you  may have the original print for free. If you recognize someone you know, have them call or e-mail me and they may have the print. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the picture. When you e-mail me please give particulars as to why you think it is you or someone you know that is pictured,  also any other pertinent information about the shot.

These photos are copyrighted and are for personal use ONLY

The photographs may NOT be used in flyers or publications or be duplicated without permission. Use in an album or displayed in a home or place of work is OK.

Time and inclination prevents me to look for particular pictures among the unsorted boxes of prints and since I saved only extra prints of people who interested me, and many, if not most of the pictures are not Beacon Journal related, please just look if a picture of you shows up here. I have no access to the Beacon Journal archives.

Best regards, Ott Gangl                                                      email: shooter1@corrr1.com

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